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Fall Prep Summer Training Program 

We're so excited to offer the only high school soccer training program of its kind in the Concord area! 

Our Summer Program is designed to prepare players to be the best they can be

for their Fall 2019  Season.

High School Training

When: June 24th thru August 9th, training 3x/week for 7 weeks

          High School Girls train: 8:00 - 10:00am Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

          High Schools Boys train: 9:00 - 11:00am Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Where: CenterPoint Fields, Clinton St, Concord NH

Cost: $595 (Sign up before June 1st: $525) 


Middle School Training

When: June 24th thru August 9th, training 2x/week for 7 weeks


Middle School Coed: 8am-9m Monday, Wednesday 


Where: CenterPoint Fields, Clinton St, Concord NH


Cost: $299 


Goalkeeper Training

This summer, we will also have goalkeeper training included in all three of our groups. 

This is available for both High School and Middle School sessions. The goalkeepers will have individualized sessions to help them prepare for the fall season as well.


Goalkeeper Training: 8am-9am (3 Training Sessions per Week)

Cost: $399


Phil Tuttle: Assistant Coach at Southern New Hampshire University Men's Soccer

& Head Coach Concord High School Varsity Girl's 

Kaylin Tuttle: Assistant Girl's Varsity Coach at Concord High School

Ken Fuller: Head Coach Boy's Varsity at Merrimack Valley High School

Mike Zahn: Head Coach Girl's Varsity at Hopkinton High School 

Why choose Elite? 

We all have goals for our Fall 2019 Soccer Season, whether it's to make a specific team, gain a starting position or receive a certain amount of playing time. Regardless of your goals, far too often when summer comes around, other things take priority over training. When it comes time for preseason and fitness testing we feel unprepared, unconfident, and disappointed when we don't accomplish our goals.

This does not have to be your reality this year!  

The key to being adequately prepared for your Fall Season is a commitment to consistent training over the summer, as opposed to just one week of soccer camp or sporadic workouts and summer league games. Consistent training, 3 times a week for 7 weeks is exactly what you need to be at your peak fitness and skill level. 

At Elite we will focus on:  
     1. Soccer fitness tailored to your fitness testing
     2. First touch, 1v1 and foot skills training
     3. Speed of play and combination play

4. Small sided games
     5. Agility, core and strength training

6. Injury prevention and Performance Enhancement

Elite provides you with the plan to help you accomplish your goals and the training environment to help you go further than you ever could on your own. Go into your fall high school season and tryouts in the best shape possible, more confident in your skills, playing at a faster pace and finally coming away from the summer knowing that you prepared as best you could.