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College Mentorship

The Exclusive College Mentorship Program is designed for High School Players who want to pursue a Collegiate Soccer Career. 

We will work with players and parents to develop your personal recruiting strategy and online profiles, as well as to provide education regarding the NCAA/NAIA recruiting process. We will help each athlete develop their own personal plan that fits their needs financially, academically and athletically. 

How It Works 

Upon Registering, players receive: 

  • Initial game analysis/evaluation by mentor to get a strong sense of player's abilities. For local New Hampshire players, one of our Elite Coaches will come to one of the player's games/tournaments to evaluate. For all players outside of New Hampshire, players will send game tape to our Elite Coaching staff for evaluation

  • Work with parents and players to create a College Plan from start to finish. From creating an initial list of schools, to attending College ID Camps, speaking with College Coaches and navigating the recruiting process, your College Mentor will help you every step of the way.  

  • Organize training calendar to ensure player is properly preparing for the Collegiate level. Your mentor will help with decisions about Clubs/Academies as well as extra training the player needs to achieve their Collegiate goals. 

Cost: $250 for an entire year 


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