Winter Skills Session

Is your child truly growing as a player in their skill and confidence where they are playing right now? If not, then our winter skills session is for you! 

Who: CAFC Players and Goalkeepers 


Session Descriptions: 

CAFC 04-05's Session (8-Weeks): January 7th-March 5th (Price: $299)

Time: 7-8pm

Days: Tuesday's and Thursday's 


CAFC 06-07's (8-weeks): January 7th-March 3rd (Price: $150)

Time: 6-7pm

Day: Tuesday's 

FULL (No spots remaining) Goalkeeper Training (8-weeks): January 9th-March 5th (Price: $175)

Time: 6-7pm

Day: Thursday's 

Age: 9-18 (Players will be split up based off of skill level)

High School Boys and Girls (1 Day a Week): FULL (All groups have been filled up)

We will also be offering training for High School Boys and Girls starting Monday's, January 13th-March 9th

 Price: $175

High School Girls: 6-7pm

High School Boys: 7-8pm 

We are only accepting 8 boys and 8 girls into these groups. We want to do our best as a program to help each and every player develop. Therefore, we have reinvented our winter training to have more of an individualized approach. We look forward to training with you this winter! 

Where: Concord Sports Center, 2 Whitney Rd, Concord, NH 03301

How will my child benefit:
    1. Learn and master new 1v1 moves and footskills
    2. Improve 1st touch and speed of play
    3. Will receive consistent training in the areas of player development that make a real difference
    4. Become more comfortable on the ball
    5. Grow in their self confidence and composure on the field
    6. Train in a challenging but very encouraging environment where risks are encouraged
        7. Perfect Coach to Player ratio for greater attention and focus

Tel: 603-344-0511


Concord, New Hampshire

Contact Info:
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